How do I connect a custom domain to my website?

After you set up your Solo website, you can connect a custom domain that is personalized to your business. Websites with custom domains see more traffic and as a result more business! To connect a custom domain, follow the steps below.

As a reminder, connecting and hosting your custom domain with Solo is free!

  1. From the editor view of your website, click Settings

  1. Scroll to the ‘Custom domain’ section, in the panel on the right
  1. Click ‘Configure’

  1. You will now be presented with the option to connect an existing domain or purchase a new domain.

  1. If you have an existing domain, click Connect and then follow the steps provided. We will attempt to securely and automatically configure your domain for you and if unsuccessful, a manual option will be presented where you can enter the requisite DNS records into your registrar yourself or via help from a colleague. If you are connecting manually, please make sure to enter the A, TXT and CNAME record. If there are any existing A or AAAA records, you will need to delete those first. Existing TXT and CNAME records are fine as long as they are not duplicates.

6. Alternatively, if you want to purchase a domain, at step 4, you can instead click ‘Browse’ to see many domains offered at a significant discount.

If you have any troubles with this process, don’t hesitate to contact

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