Release notes

Please see below for Solo updates. If you have any feedback, feature requests or more, please email us at

1.1 (Jul 22, 2024)

  • New video section to embed YouTube or other on your website
  • New font choices in Theme Settings optimized for different languages
  • Contact form now supports Japanese and Korean
  • Upload your own favicon (browser icon) for your website
  • A dividing line can now be enabled below each section to provide a unique visual feel
  • Many small bug fixes and other UI updates

1.0 (Jun 11, 2024)

  • Added a new fixed header option so you can have the Navigation bar always show as you scroll
  • Added support for a “Cookie Banner” which you can enable via Settings
  • You can now add up to 3 Text Banner and Image Banner sections
  • Added Threads as a new social media type
  • Option to now add an image to your Text Banner sections
  • Improved custom domain connection handling
  • Multiple visual UI improvements
  • Squashed a lot of small bugs including a general site speed-up
  • Slowed down transition time for gallery photos in carousel
  • Added multiple new animations to published sites giving it a more polished feel
  • Increased custom image upload cap to 30
  • New “centered” layout option for Footer text and social media icons
  • Increased character limit for the Services section items
  • Added Italian and German as new language options for the Contact Form labels

0.93 (May 6, 2024)

  • Increased character limit for the Text Banner section
  • Fixed a bug related to connecting custom domains

0.92 (Apr 29, 2024)

  • Support for connecting a custom domain to Solo for free
  • Purchase a new discounted custom domain via Solo
  • Minor bug fixes

0.91 (Apr 11, 2024)

  • Added support for custom links in the footer of your website
  • New websites generate substantially faster
  • Lots and lots of visual and minor bug fixes

0.9 (Mar 1, 2024)

  • Rich text support in the Intro, Services and Text Banner sections. You can now add links, bullets, bold or otherwise customize the text in most sections of your site
  • New dark color themes per significant user request
  • Websites have been expanded to full width and simply look prettier
  • Improved page speed and less flickers
  • Image editor now available in the Services section
  • Select Spanish or French as the default language for the Contact form
  • Support for multiple image upload
  • Text banner and Services section now allow you to add buttons
  • Heading section links can now properly link to phone numbers
  • Scale the size of your custom logo
  • Squashed numerous other little bugs

0.8 (Jan 30, 2024)

  • Support for uploading your own images. JPG, GIF, PNG supported. 25 image limit per site. 15MB limit per image
  • Support for uploading a custom logo image
  • Connect a Google Analytics account for tracking website visitors
  • Added ability to zoom and crop images for the Intro and Services sections of the site
  • Fixed some color palette bugs
  • Added a What’s New link to the Account menu
  • Added support for custom header navigation links. Add external or in-page links
  • Added Solo sitemap support for improved Google SEO
  • Fixed numerous other smaller bugs

0.71 (Dec 22, 2023)

  • Increased character limit for services description text
  • Fixed an issue with the Alfa Slab One font not rendering properly
  • Added a new warning if you leave the website editor without saving your changes
  • Added a new font selector for the Header Logo
  • Sped-up page load time for customer sites
  • Proper unfurling of website URLs for improved Google SEO
  • Numerous other small bug fixes

0.7 (Dec 13, 2023)

  • Added customer reviews section. Reviews extracted from provided Yelp or other URL and/or Solo will provide examples to be updated
  • Added scheduling section. Works with any scheduling URL (e.g. Calendly, Tidycal)
  • Added image and text banner sections
  • Numerous bug fixes and updated styles
  • Support for background images in the Intro section
  • Improved support for images at different aspect ratio
  • Support for image borders and different font weights
  • New layout options for your Gallery
  • Added business idea composer to suggest ideas
  • Location requests are now user initiated
  • Added option to display social icons in the header as well
  • More status detail when composing a new website
  • A new, shiny Solo website!

0.6 (Nov 1, 2023)

  • Squashed numerous bugs
  • Updated login method from magic link to OTP for security purposes
  • Added a new dedicated Theme section
  • Added new SEO options in the Settings section
  • Under-the-hood tweaks to make the published sites more SEO’able for Google
  • Updated visual design for font and color selection
  • Published sites now look good on mobile
  • More detailed status now shown when Solo is composing your website
  • Improved responsiveness for narrower desktop windows
  • Can now search Unsplash for other images to use on your website
  • Faster customer site load time
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