Why is my custom domain not successfully connecting?

If you receive an error email indicating that Solo was unable to successfully connect your custom domain or see a message like below in Settings, then we ran into an issue.

There are a few reasons your custom domain may not have connected on the first attempt. Some of the most common reasons are below. Note, it can take up to 48 hours for the domain connection process to complete so the below tips are only if you see an error or receive an error email:

  • You entered your DNS details incorrectly. If you entered your DNS details manually, please make sure you entered them correctly. You will enter a TXT, an A and a CNAME record. If there are existing A or AAAA records pointing to other non-Solo IP addresses, you will need to delete them. Please also confirm that there are not exact duplicate TXT and/or CNAME records. If you’re unable to find your DNS records, you can click “Re-configure” or “Configure” again and restart the process from Solo.
  • Confirm that you are the owner of the domain. You can do this by visiting the registrar site where you registered this domain and making sure that you can log-in and that you have access to edit and configure the domain. Note, if you attempt to connect a domain that has previously been connected to Solo by another user, we may show an error as we need to do additional manual ownership verification. In this case, please contact support@soloist.ai and we will get this resolved.

If you’re still having issues, we may have encountered some error on our side. Please contact us at support@soloist.ai and we will investigate.

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