What does Solo cost?

Solo is free. We may introduce a subscription for some advanced editing features in the future.

Does connecting a custom domain for hosting on Solo cost money?

No, Solo is the only website creator that we’re aware of that allows you to connect your custom domain for free and no, we are not going to put ads on your website.

Why is it free?

We believe that starting a business should be easier. You’re a solopreneur and we want you to succeed.

Do you also sell custom domains?

Yes, you can buy a custom domain but via our partners, Entri and IONOS. Because of our relationship, IONOS provides a significant discount for many domains, some for even $1.

Are WordPress, Wix, Squarespace free?

No, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace all charge at least $10/month to connect your custom domain and if you wish to use other capabilities of their service, that monthly bill can easily grow to $100+/month! They are great paid website builders if you have a lot of advanced needs but Solo should be more than enough to get started and is free.

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